The Infinite Dial South Africa 2022 Survey results are in! Here is a snapshot.

Comparing digital audio listenership from 2019 to 2021, the results show substantial growth across all audio channels. 

Ultimate Media tuned into the live webinar and put this snapshot together of the highlights and key take-outs

Park Advertising invests in Community Radio across the Country.

The riots and looting that took place in July of this year affected so many businesses and livelihoods, but it also showed South Africa’s true colours of empathy, unity and resilience.

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60 Great Radio Ideas

Some of the local industry’s leading creative minds got together at Radio Days Africa 2021 to brainstorm 60 different ways to increase audience and revenue. Feast your eyes on these!

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SA’s first 3D audio commercial.

Ultimate Media produced SA’s first ”3D” radio ad for for Relicalm on Spotify & Wondery. ”3D” radio ads are produced in binaural 3D audio and are best experienced through headphones.

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How to integrate TikTok with Radio

Radio’s flexibility means that the new, hot platforms, the ones swaying the zeitgeist, can be easily absorbed.

See how Spur successfully integrated Spotify and Tik Tok into their radio campaign. 

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Jeremy Mansfield’s new venture and subscribe worthy Audio.

This week Jeremy Mansfield launched his own daily YouTube vodcast ‘Mansfield2Day’. In these vodcasts the ex-radio host, who left Hot 91.9 in February this year, talks about business, health and just about everything else with special guests each week. Time will tell if this ‘vodcast’ show format will work.

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So, your comms team wants to do a Podcast, what brands should know before hitting record.

The ‘podboom’ has happened and listeners, producers and brands are finally all ears.

And with big brands on board, comes bigger budgets and budgets mean expectations, so how can you as a brand ride this wave and get long term benefits?

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Gagasi & Heart FM leave MediaMark. Radio supports Mental Health & Apple to Monetise podcasts.

And you thought 2020 was one heck of a year! 2021 brings winds of change as Gagasi FM and Heart FM will be launching their own media solutions company under holding company MRC Media effective from 01 July 2021. The stations will utilise Mediamark as its Sales House until 30 June 2021.

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Is Radio still a good buy in SA and how presenters can make Radio advertising more effective.

According to Gordon Muller “media inflation in SA over the past 20 years… would seem to confirm the view that radio is not a good buy, or, at least, not a cost-efficient buy.”

We know radio has few rivals when it comes to effective advertising… but is it pricing itself out of the market?

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How to Elevate your Brand, the Relationship between Radio & Podcasting & The Launch of SoundInsights.

Why has voice marketing suddenly become so popular? Well, the broader world is rediscovering what those of us with radio backgrounds never forget – the power of the human voice. Paulo Dias explains.

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SABC Retrenchments, 5FM & YFM line up changes & John Perlman on Talk Radio in SA.

A traumatic few months for SABC staff came to a head this week with 621 staffers (including many big on air names) leaving the organisation.

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DJ Sabby leaves YFM, The Evolution of Radio & UK survey confirms increase in Radio Listening.

UK research shows how those working from home have saved money in the last year, have big spending plans and will seek to continue working from home once the restrictions are lifted.

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SABC Station Managers face Axe, Thando Thabethe joins 947, AME & US add to their Audio Offering.

The SABC retrenchment process gathered pace this week with the announcement that up to 12 station managers could lose their jobs. How this will impact on service delivery remains to be seen.

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The Branded Podcast Edition.

A branded podcast will not make money as a podcast, but it can make business sense. With this in mind, give your podcast a clear reason. Is it a CRM tool? A branding tool, a piece of internal communication? Or is it a smarter way to interact with your brokers or reps on the road?

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Why Brands Should Consider Their Own Podcasts.

Financial services brands have dominated the branded podcast industry over the past few years. With bigger budgets, resources, rolling content and built in audiences through mailing lists etc, it makes sense.

But how can brands from other sectors start making their own podcasts? Why should they? And the crucial question – how many listeners can you expect?

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Fresh & Euphonik case Dropped, Local Research Confirms Increase in Radio & Audio Consumption.

In the absence of the industry RAMS survey media planners are desperate for updated research on radio listening. What is particularly useful about the Primeconnect study is that it surveys listeners of various radio stations, not just those of Primedia. It also delves into consumption of digital audio. Radio, online and podcast listening are all up significantly while 81% of Gauteng listeners say they listen to radio from home.

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Primedia Broadcasting: Audioscape 1st  Wave

Due to COVID-19, 2020 saw significant behavioural and media consumption changes. As a result, understanding consumer behaviour in the audio landscape became more important and research became pivotal in understanding the needs of listeners in a dynamic environment.

Melissa McNally – Consulting Specialist: Research: Primedia Broadcasting

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Fresh & Euphonik part ways with Primedia, The latest Audio App Released and Spotify credits Podcast Popularity to Growth.

ClubHouse. It’s been called Twitter Through Audio. Users can listen in to conversations, interviews and discussions between interesting people on various topics – it’s just like tuning in to a talk show or a podcast but live and with an added layer of exclusivity.

And if Elon Musk likes it, who are we to argue?

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Audio Helps Brands Capitalise on Consumer Behaviour.

In the UK, since lockdown, 30% of commercial radio listeners claim to have tried a new brand, 25% higher than non-listeners.

No surprise given that, around the world (including in South Africa), people have been listening to radio for longer during Covid.

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Ultimate Media Celebrates 10 Years!

Happy 10th Birthday to us!

A decade in the business and still going strong.

We asked our Directors to share the story behind the company.

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Should Your Brand Be On Audio Streams?

Audio streaming has been in SA for over two decades, but unsurprisingly its popularity grew exponentially during the initial 2020 lockdown.

The world wants content to listen to and every brand and advertiser should take note.

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Why use Audio Streaming, Does Drive Time Still Matter and MacG loses Old Mutual.

Content on podcasts may not be subject to the control of BCCSA (Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA) but they are still subject to sanction from sponsors, as MacG found out to his cost this week.

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Developing an Audio Strategy, Sonic Branding And Predictions On Advertising Outlook for 2021.

South African consumers now have so many audio channels to choose from that no one media house can deliver your maximum audience at the most cost effective rate.

Developing an Audio Strategy is about applying the age-old media planning principle of reaching your target on as many different channels as possible at the most cost effective rate.

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Podcasts Make Business Sense.

When you start talking about podcasting it doesn’t take long before someone asks how you can make money from it.

While podcasting is growing in popularity in South Africa, we are a while away from making real money from it, but that does not mean that it can’t be used as an effective marketing tool for your business.

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COVID Sparks A Wave Of Audience Research By SA Radio Stations. 

Necessity has indeed been the mother of invention when it comes to the slew of audience surveys carried out by South African radio stations over Covid. The industry-standard RAM (Radio Audience Measurement) survey is based on face-to-face fieldwork and was severely hampered by the pandemic lockdown.

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Will podcasting and streaming cannibalise radio audiences? 

Clients need to develop an Audio strategy – don’t put all your money into Radio, put it into Audio.

Every campaign should be a combination of radio, podcasts, spotify etc.

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Radio Research Suggests More South Africans Are Staying At Home This December 

Listener research conducted independently by two of the country’s largest radio groups suggests that South Africans will be staying home in far greater numbers this festive season.

A listener survey conducted by Jacaranda FM found that only half of consumers in Gauteng, that usually go on holiday over December and January, are doing so this year. In a normal year roughly 50% of those Gauteng listeners would be on the move. But in 2020, the survey found, that figure will plummet to less than 25%.

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Authentic and Humanising. Two key word to consider when crafting radio content. 

[WATCH]  DJ Fresh talks about the importance of authenticity when using a radio presenter to promote your brand.

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How Big Is Radio in SA? Mo Flava weighs in.

[WATCH] Why do so many SA radio presenters have such massive celebrity status ? It’s almost ‘movie star’ like. One major reason is the way our market is regulated, compared to many developed markets.

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